Valentine’s Day; Say Yes to Tradition

Do you remember singing telegrams? I had a boyfriend who had just moved to Chicago and I was still back in South Bend, IN. It was Valentine’s Day. I wanted something unique. Looking through catalogues and radio ads (no internet back then), I had such a fun scavenger hunt. Love is magical. I stumbled upon a brand new concept, singing telegrams. On Valentine’s Day, I ordered up a singing telegram for my lover. Gift giving is a sweet tradition of Valentine’s Day.

The singing telegram was a hit and never forgotten. Valentine’s Day is a tradition. Traditions create memories and are the stories of our lives.

After marriage, too many couples forgo the adventure of gift giving. The couple convinces themselves that they don’t need a “stupid” holiday to tell them to give a gift. Valentine’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday that wants us to spend our money. How many times have we heard that remark?

Don’t let the magic of gift giving leave your lives. When a holiday rolls around and our man doesn’t stop to remember us with a gift, we are hurt. Even if there is an agreement before hand, there is something missed without the traditional gift giving? Traditions are the framework to our lives, give us a sense of belonging, a sense of prediction, and are the glue that keeps us together.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Money makes the world go around but love makes the world worth living. You don’t need a lover to celebrate love. We have so many other people in our lives to share our love. This Valentine’s Day find someone to share with you a gift of love.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around the Globe

One traditional romantic Welsh gift is a love spoon. The Welsh men carve intricate wooden spoons for their lovers as a token of their love.

In England on the eve on Valentine’s Day, women would place five bay leaves on their pillows to bring dreams of their future husbands.

The most popular gift in Italy is Baci Perugina, which are small, chocolate-covered hazelnuts wrapped with a romantic quote printed in four languages.

If gift giving isn’t your thing, you can always plan a tradition of adventures on holidays or involving yourself in a non-profit. However, it is important to have traditions.

Don’t Forget The Gift

Don’t be lazy and make excuses for reasons you don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When we let go of traditions, our lives begin to drift apart. Without traditions, our sense of belonging is disrupted. Couples don’t grow apart; they quit paying attention to each other.

Have some fun finding the right gift for someone this Valentine’s Day.   Don’t let go of the tradition or you will eventually let go of each other. Enjoy the magic of love. And please, don’t forget the gift. It’s important. Trust me on that one.

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