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Valentine’s Day Love Embraceable Power

Obviously, Valentines Day is marketed to us as a celebration of love. Romantic love, other than the nameless valentines that kindergarten kids pass out these days.

But when you’re not feeling up to par, or have had your share of emotional let downs that leave you feeling less than yourself, or less than the person that is being celebrated by Valentine’s Day, it’s tough to get through.

Here’s what I know to be true.

Valentines Day is simply about love. Actually everything in our lives is about love. Birth, relationships, emotions, and even grief, loss and death. None of it would be possible without love.

So how does that help you make it through Valentines Day if you don’t fit the mold? When you don’t want to pretend like you’re ok being alone. When you don’t want to clink your own two glasses together by yourself.

Now, before I go further, I have to say that honoring yourself during low (or high) times is incredibly important to build your strength and resilience in the face of emotional let downs, even those brought on by effective marketing. Doing what you can to accept, acknowledge, and celebrate you on Valentines Day will get you more comfortable with wherever you happen to be on that day.

But then there is that love thing. And that too, is something to celebrate.

Women operate from love. And yes, sometimes we get mocked for it when we cry easily or hurt more than others. Love is the reason why we live like we do, and why our emotional let downs are so painful. Love is our strength, our power.

On this Valentines Day, even if you are feeling low, go on a love hunt.

Actively seek out places where you can show love, your love. Find people, find animals, find causes. Find where your love lies and and what would pump up that big heart of yours, and play it out in the real world.

If love rules the world, and I think it does, it’s time for your deep core to tell you where you need to apply yours.

Women can’t live without love, and love can’t live without women.

Now that’s worth clinking your glass.

love for Valentine's Day