valentine's day and love where time stands still

Time Stands Still Elusive Events

Waiting for something good to happen, time can drag on by. A child grows up and time can pass in the blink of an eye. Is time real?  I read that time is nothing more than a theory. It’s a way for scientists to track the earth’s rotation. There are those moments elusive of the science of time.

Friday night I went to go see the Las Vegas production of The Beatles Love. The show was a moment transcendence of time. The Beatles were alive. I was slow dancing at Beiger Junior High School to the song Hey Jude. I was at camp listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The elderly woman sitting next to me was surprised that after all these years, she remembered all the words to the song.

Nonsense or Reality

Time – I mean we live in a world where we have to define this sort of thing, don’t we, as nonsense or reality? If an event like time isn’t anything more than a theory, shouldn’t it be disregarded entirely?

The answer is no. We don’t have to choose one and dispense with the other. This is not a world of binary opposites. We just choose to live that way. There is more to this world than we know. The most rational response might be the thrill of exploring it. We can see events that are nonsense as events that could really be so.

An event where someone heals themselves of an incurable disease could really be so. In this culture, when a claim carries the implication of nonsense, we are quick to disregard it. And on the opposite end, when a scientific finding undercuts our spiritual belief , we dismiss it.  We need to balance the spiritual and the science of all things.  One does not have to dismiss the other.

Religion and Science

Religion and science don’t have to dismiss each other.  The question is whether or not we’re prepared to accept a world in which science and spirituality really do serve each other.

The big Ghost, of course, hovering at the back of this discussion, is God. Human beings are always fighting about which version of God to worship, or whether any God exists at all. But it seems to me we are only likely to find answers about the nature of the universe, or the possibility of a creator, if we look.

And, we can’t do that in any meaningful way if our only commitment is to the answers we’ve presupposed. We shouldn’t snicker at the paranormal. We shouldn’t snicker at the possibility that God, or something like Him, might show up in our search. Also, we shouldn’t snicker at science. Then, the field of opportunities lie before us. The war between science, the paranormal and God is over. What we get in return is the thrill of a “free and rigors” inquiry into the true nature of reality and what it means to be human.

Valentine’s Day

The sweet and tender of all human emotions is upon us. The day to celebrate that emotion is February 14th. Here are 5 suggestions to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  1.  Get outdoors and love nature – Take yourself or someone special for a picnic lunch in the park, or grab a bottle of wine for a romantic sunset hike.
  2. Volunteer and give back to your community – help share the love with those who need it most this Valentine’s day by volunteering your time or help, with friends, or with your SO.
  3. Evening activities, unplugged – Unplug all devices and screens to reconnect with ourselves and those around us. You can breakout the glue sticks, beads, construction paper, crayons and a bottle of wine for a cozy night of arts and crafts and let the games begin.
  4. Plan a retreat together.  Book a spontaneous adventure with your new bestie or lover.  Choose your favorite epic destination and get ready to have the time of your lives together.
  5. Radical self care spa day (diy or not) – A soothing day of self care (whether alone or shared with someone special) is just what the doctor ordered in the middle of the winter season.

Time may help scientists understand the earths rotation.  But, love truly makes the world go around.  And, love is elusive of time; time truly stands still.

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