Stevie Stanford at Copper Canyon Academy – When are we in over our heads with our teenage daughters?

Parents, do you have a teen daughter that you think is out of control?  Well, this podcast is for you. My guest is Dr. Stevie Stanford and Doctor Stanford is the clinical program director at Copper Canyon Academy. Copper Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center for teenage girls who are 13 to 17 years of age. This successful treatment center was featured on the Dr. Phil show.

In this episode, Dr. Stevie Stanford will be sharing with you what kinds of teen girls are best fit for the program at Copper Canyon. She will also be talking about, you know when we as parents are in over our heads with our teenage daughters.  She will be answering questions like the following.When is a program like this residential treatment center that they offer at Copper Canyon right for our teenage daughter?   How are parents involved in the program?  What kind of help is there for parents when the teen returns home?  She will talk about what actually goes on for the teens at this treatment center.

Dr. Stevie Stanford was a therapist at Copper Canyon Academy before she returned to school in 2008 to get her doctorate in counseling psychology.  She is proficient in psychological testing. She’s also published many articles in the area of eating disorders. She specializes in trauma, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and attachment disorders. I think you will all be excited to hear what she has to say about the program at Copper Canyon.

For you parents, these are some of the things you will learn from Dr. Stevie Stanford in this podcast:

  1.  What kinds of teens are enrolled at Copper Canyon?
  2.  What is attachment and how can poor attachment impact families?
  3.  Can attachment disorders be fixed?
  4.  When is a residential treatment center right for your daughter?
  5.  When is your daughter just having normal teenage issues and not a teenager out of control?
  6.  What programs do they offer at Copper Canyon?
  7.  How do they involve the parents in treatment?
  8.  How does Copper Canyon support the parents when the teen leaves?
  9.  How do Charlie Brown characters represent attachment disorders?


Copper Canyon Academy

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Thank you so very much for listening.  I hope you enjoyed it and if you would like, please add comments on the bottom of this post.