Spontaneous Surprises – Priceless

The night before the eclipse my daughter spontaneously said, let’s go hiking tomorrow to get a fantastic view of the eclipse. The eclipse was uneventful but there were other spontaneous surprises.

My daughter and her friend negotiated the “shall we continue” argument as they dripped in sweat on the treacherous terrain. The desire of continuing the ascent was swayed by the desire to post an Instagram picture at the top. To my surprise, Social media is a real Fitbit!

During the hike, we shared stories of impending dating experiences about to unfold as current freshmen in High School. We discussed values and morals to uphold on their high school journey. The girls talked about how they were going to help keep each other on track if someone tries to steer them in the wrong direction.  My friend and I drudged up old memories of our high school experiences.

My daughter’s friend’s mother and I were reveling on the freedom we have as women in the United States of America. We can’t imagine why women still need to march for freedom. Women appear to have all the freedom we need.

Our girls giggled.  Their giggles reminded me of their childhood slipping away as they stepped into high school.

On the descent, I got the pleasure of holding my daughters hand. Because of the sheer terror as the rocks slipped underneath our feet, we decided to hold hands to prevent any mass injuries. With our grasp of hands, my daughter saved my life as I nearly pitched myself over the edge.

My friend and I talked about how our daughters spontaneously decided this adventure. We both said we had work that needed to get done that day and set it aside. We decided to go eclipsing instead. The eclipse didn’t unfold as expected. However, the spontaneous surprises were priceless.

spontaneous surprises

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