Regret – The Things You Will Regret

So many times in my counseling office, I will hear people who have destructive family members say to me, “If I don’t reach out to them and they die, I will regret not trying to make amends.” People want to give bad people a pass if they are sick and dying. I have never heard anyone regret not having a destructive person in his/her life. However, these are the things you will regret.

Choose Your Life

You will regret letting somebody else choose your life (your mission and your path). I loved psychology and my father thought it was stupid. He said, “you’ll never make any money at that.” Yes, I haven’t made a lot of money, but I do earn a living and love what I am doing, which I find very rewarding.


You will regret not being yourself because you are worrying about people judging you. No matter who you are God, the Pope, the President, a teacher, or an IRS agent there will be people who hate you because you exist. People may hate you because you have a point of view and there are those who can’t tolerate anyone who has a different point of view.

People who are inadequate hate those who are adequate. There is no way you can avoid judgment except for those who are a total chameleon that morphs into anything you want them to be. Real people don’t agree on everything that you say. Be nice and be loyal and people should agree with you on that. Don’t spend a lot of time with bad people or negative people. Some people think it’s an obligation when it is a family member, but it’s not. It is always a choice with whom you spend time.

Take a Risk

You will regret not taking a risk or challenge. You will miss out on a chance to grow and learn. You will regret it. When the going gets tough, you don’t want to give up. Even if things don’t come out the way you hoped, they do come out some way. It is a lesson learned and a foot hold somewhere.   Get back into gear and take a risk.

Don’t Blame Others

You will regret micromanaging the people and events in your life. You will regret blaming others for you not being happy. If things aren’t working in your life, you are the one to blame. If not all parts of the universe are not in the order you choose, you have no one else to blame except yourself. If you worked hard for something, claim it. Don’t compromise. Don’t be lazy and wishy washy on giving an opinion. If you are lazy and wishy washy, you will not feel alive.

You will regret waiting until tomorrow. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

If you want help to find the courage to live your authentic life, please give me a call at 480-703-0606. If you need help in getting those destructive people out of your life, give me a call. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

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