Let's Go To Costa Rica

With cancer, pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional. Pain comes from the physical condition. The suffering comes from fear. Drugs and herbs will take away the pain, but it is up to us to remove the suffering. And we begin with ourselves.

About Us

As I write this to you, my lifelong vision is here. Yes. I have had my own cancer journey, which is my inspiration.  ~ Pamela Chambers is a National Certified Counselor, Life Coach, author, EMDR practitioner, trained in Mind Body Medicine and in herbal medicine. Pam has worked with Heather’s non-profit group for cancer patients, run gals run, for several years.

Elisa is a molecular biologist, herbal medicine practitioner, expert on shamanism, and ethnobotany. Elisa is a psycho-oncologist, which includes herbal remedies, alternative therapies in cancer, pain medicine, cancer stages, and communication. Elisa has on going investigation in folk medicine, ancestral rituals and medicine in indigenous cultures and hosts workshops all over the world.

Angie completed her advanced 300-hour YTT in India. She has hosted several yoga retreats to India, Bali, and Italy. Angie offers Jyotish Vedic Astrology Readings, private meditation, and kriya instruction.

A hypnotic place to relax, unwind, and disconnect

A retreat to clear away the dark clouds that loom above cancer patients and share a healing circle of community. By disconnecting, we can connect to our inner wisdom in all of us to allow our mind, body, and soul to unify in our individual walk with cancer.


Delicious and healthy foods with organic greens, vegetables, tubers, fruits, herbs, and dairy from the syntropic farm right there at the lodge. It will be a true farm to table cuisine.


A magical space in the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica with rich biodiversity. Next to the retreat is a farm, milk the cows and learn about regenerative agriculture.

Yoga and Meditation

The bamboo yoga pavilion features a beautiful spacious room with all the comforts of a hardwood floor. The pavilion is set in the lush rainforest with privacy and mountain views.

Costa Rican Magic

You will also find several designed paths through the forest, a medicinal plants garden, a natural ozonated pool, a conference room, and a solar heated jacuzzi.


6 nights lodging double occupancy

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Daily Yoga and Meditation

Angie will tune us into the rise of the sun with daily morning Puja, followed by Himilayan meditation and a daily Kriya Yoga Practice.

Personalized EMDR and Herbal Formulas

EMDR helps to reduce the negative emotional impact of little and/or big trauma. Your herbal formula will assist you in your personal walk with cancer.

Workshops of inspiration, Herbalism, and cancer Education

Learn the magic of cacao in our own cacao ceremony by Elisa. Cacao helps with emotional regulation.

Client Testimonials

“First of all Pamela, everyone loved you, and your presentation on herbal medicine. Wow. It was so helpful. Thank you for the powerpoint. It will be so useful to me as I believe in this. You have done great things that have helped survivors of which you are one. Your energy, your being, your caring to help others is fantastic. I could feel it all. That is why I had to tell you how great you were and are. Thank you Pamela."
"Elisa stands out for me as a thoughtful, creative, highly perceptive, and ‘wise’ woman. She guided me, empowered me, inspired me. She has a wealth of resources to draw upon for both science and spirituality. She has been a vital element in my healing process. She took me on a journey of self-discovery like no other person had done before. A difficult but worthwhile journey I will not forget. Thanks Elisa."
“The Thing about Angie's practices is that it makes me show up for myself and finding who I am. My real truth and it's just such a beautiful way to do life. I get calmer, I'm processing things better, and it's joyful work. I love her so much. I respect her. Her teaching. She is the real deal. She is a master and yep, I'm a hashtag Angie Junkie."

Look forward to meeting all of you