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Practicality vs Dreams; Practicality Wins

Follow your passion and you will never have to work another day in your life.  Go after your dreams and money will follow.  We are bombarded with this notion on a regular basis. I hate to burst your bubble.  Practicalities in a career choice are known as survival. Dreams coming to fruition are more of a rare phenomenon.

No one has ever had a passion to work in a coal mine.  People have had the opportunity, the ability, and the desire to make a living in order to take care of their families.  They find satisfaction in their lives in other ways.  They find satisfaction through their hobbies and time with their families and friends.

Dreams change and practicality stable

People who are incredibly successful say, “Do what you love.”  That doesn’t always work out for most of us. In the real world, pursuing your dreams or hobbies may not lead to success. Your passions change and fade over time.

Think about your past. If you had actually married that person from your past that you were so passionate about, it may not have worked out so well for you today.  I know mine wouldn’t have worked out very well.

Or if you had gone down that career path you were so excited about when you graduated high school, that career choice may not look so good to you now.

We need to understand that our interests will change. Practicality needs to be considered. And, how you define success and how you find contentment will probably change over time.

Competition vs enjoyment

I’m pretty competitive. If I go out and play a game of tennis, I like to win.  However, at my age, I decided to cash in about 50% of my incentive to victory and looked towards enjoying the sport. I am having a good time. The passion turned from winning to having a good time with everyone.

Part of being successful in life is balancing and measuring things like success, your passion, your satisfaction, and those change as you mature.

If you buy into the idea that the only work worth doing is the kind of work that thrills the heck out of you, you are going to miss a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.

In every job, there is work you don’t love, even if you generally like your position. That is the reality.  What about work that pays the bills so you can spend more time with family and friends?

What about work that is really boring but training you for something better? Is there an opportunity that puts you in a good place for your next move?

Pool playing, careers and practicality

Someone is playing a game of pool.  He sees a really good shot.  A shot he knows he can make. There is another shot that may lead to a better shot that would lead to a possible win.  He has to sacrifice to move a ball so he can get to it later.  He had to give up a good shot for a possible win later. Give up a good shot now for a possible better shot in the future. Our career choices are like a game of pool.

You may find at various times in your life that the drive, the skills, the money, the title, may just be perfect. But, it’s not typical. And if that’s your dream, you will be disappointed. So, don’t be controlled by emotions. Make decisions.

And remember that if your only job in life is your success at work, you aren’t going to be a happy human being.

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