Pattie Fitzgerald – Must Have Information to Keep Children Safe

Pattie Fitzgerald informs us that it takes less than one minute for a predator to lure a child away.  Pattie is a certified prevention educator, speaker, author, and most importantly she is a mom.  As a founder of, Pattie educates families everywhere on her “safe-smarts” strategies to help keep our children safe.”

“Did you know that it takes less than one minute for a predator to lure a child away?”

“Did you know that 90% of childhood sexual abuse occurs by someone the child knows?”

These statistics are from  Pattie Fitzgerald is the founder of this website, and we are lucky to have her with us on this episode of “Smart Choices for a Happier Family Life.”

Pattie is a certified prevention educator, speaker, author and most importantly she is a mom.  She educates families everywhere on her “safe-smarts” strategies to help keep our children safe.  She is the author of two books: “Super Duper Safety School” and “No Trespassing This is My Body!”  Besides giving us specific spot on information to help keep our children safe from pedophiles, Pattie does it without SCARING them.  Not only does she not scare them, she empowers them.  She teaches our children how to stand strong and how to notice and avoid those “tricky people.”   Parents cannot afford not to have these books in their children’s library.  You can find these books at

In this episode, we will discuss some very important topics:

Pattie gives our children important safety information without scaring them:

  • Safe Grown-Ups Don’t Ask Kids for HELP – especially when you’re by yourself.
  • Ask First
  • No Secrets; “Don’t Tell; you should always tell!”
  • Safety Rules for grown up – “Red Flags”
  • Reduce the odds of something like this happening to our children
  • UH-OH feeling
  • Role-Playing

Pattie is busy with one on one consulting.  She can help you know which adults to trust.  As a certified safety educator, she offers comprehensive safety consulting packages. These packages include super ten smart safety rules for kids or stranger danger mistake and solutions.

She offers parent and child workshops at schools, home safety party, staff training, parent group, or at a PTA meeting.  These workshops include an understanding of Meagan’s Law, 10 family safety rules, stranger danger vs familial danger, 10 red flags that predators may use to lure your child away, an explanation of boundaries and ways to teach your children in a non-fearful way.

Safely Ever After also offers workshops for Non-Profits and Educators.  Pattie offers individualized presentations designed for age-appropriate instruction to reach children of all ages from Kindergarten to High School.   She will address the different maturity levels of all groups.  She can train teachers, administrators, or employees and the curriculum she provides can be used through the whole school year.

Pattie is also a fabulous keynote speaker.  Pattie is passionate about keeping our children safe.  Pattie is a member of the Professional Society on the Abuse of children, and Prevention Child  She has been featured on MSNBC< Good Morning America, and CNN National news as well as many local and national TV and Radio shows across the country.  She has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines throughout the United States.

Pattie’s books are:

“Super Duper Safety Rules”


“No Trespassing, This is My Body”

Thanks for spending time with Me and Pattie Fitzgerald.  Hope to see you again soon.  Until then, keep listening to “Smart Choices For a Happier Family Life.”  If you would like to share your thoughts on this topic, please do so in the comments sections below.