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Parental Guidance with Love and Logic

Parents – Would you like parental guidance on how to get your children to do their chores?  How do we get more respect and less talking back from our children?

Dr. Charles Fay is on our show today.  Dr. Charles Fay is from the nationally renowned Love and Logic Programs.   Dr. Charles Fay’s father is the co-founder of Love and Logic Programs.  He will share with all of you some great parenting tips.  You will learn how to inspire cooperation from your children with positive discipline.  Parent’s magazines appear to be the only place to get parenting tips these days.  Now, you can listen to this podcast.  Today you will receive parental guidance advice from experts in the field of parenting.  I didn’t take any parenting classes in high school.  I certainly have never used an algorithm, but I sure could have used some parental guidance like these love and logic programs.  Through love and logic programs, children become more responsible and more respectable.

We can all use Parental Guidance.  As our children grow up, we have to relinquish control a little at a time.  We want our children to build their own critical thinking skills.   We need to develop skills to protect our children.   We also need to allow them to make decisions about their own life.  Parental Guidance skills are taught through Love and Logic Programs.   Love and Logic programs are great for parents and teachers.  Dr. Charles Fay has seminars all over the country.   Please feel free to leave comments below.  Thanks for listening and learning more about how we can inspire more from our children.


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