Love Builders

Are You Too Busy for the Delights of Marriage

“How could he cheat on me,” said the distraught-middle aged woman who sat in my office early Friday morning. “I thought everything was good between us. He said that he’s been miserable for years and he finally found someone who makes him feel loved and appreciated. I am his wife. I am the one who has taken care of him for all these years. I have cooked for him, cleaned for him, and taken care of our children. I really thought everything was just fine between us…..”

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Another Summer of Motherhood is Gone

I just saw my grandson today. He’s 15 months old and recently got his very first haircut. He looks like a young boy way too soon. I swear just five minutes ago, he was just a newborn with eyes wide open looking at the world for the very first time. He’s walking now and quietly says “what’s that” when he sees something new. I just can’t get enough time with him.

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Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids with Eileen Kennedy – Moore

Does your child get picked on at school?  Does your child hurt other children?  It breaks a parent’s heart when their child is called names or emotionally hurt by other children.  Raising socially and emotionally healthy kids can be a challenge in today’s world.  The digital age can make it even more of a challenge.

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unrequited love

Unrequited Love and obsession

Are you feeling the devastation of unrequited love?  We have all been there; a broken heart and the dreadful pain that ensues.  Sometimes, things can go terribly awry after our beloved denies us.  Is obsession a biological force within us? In the book, Unrequited Women and Romantic Obsession, Lisa states, “Animals denied an expected pleasure will bite or attack.” Is obsession a normal biological response to unrequited love?  If so, what now?

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Dr. Lynne Kenney – Good Stuff for our Children’s Brains

Parenting is rough waters at times. In this podcast episode, we are going to learn that discipline and inflicting pain does not work with your children. Dr. Kenney will help you give your children the vocabulary and tools they need to succed.

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Pattie Fitzgerald – Must Have Information to Keep Children Safe

Pattie Fitzgerald informs us that it takes less than one minute for a predator to lure a child away.  Pattie is a certified prevention educator, speaker, author, and most importantly she is a mom.  As a founder of, Pattie educates families everywhere on her “safe-smarts” strategies to help keep our children safe.”

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