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New Year 2019 #1 Best Thing

Let’s start the new year off with a big bang!

Do you really want to change your life? Do something that will make a big impact on what you accomplish and how you feel in the coming year and beyond?

There is one thing that you can do, and the best part is that you can do it in your bathtub, in your car, at work, at your kids school, the grocery store, anywhere you want!

It’s taking accountability for your life.

You are likely thinking that you’re a very responsible person. You pay your bills and send your kids to school with clean faces. Your home is neat and tidy and your yard is manicured.

But self-responsibility is more than that. It’s being 100% responsible for not only your actions but your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitude and your perceptions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Managing your Thoughts

We all have patterns that don’t serve us. And our bad thoughts are like our back up singers that continually belt out why we should never change them. Often we’re not even aware of why we do what we do, which is why it’s time to finally take responsibility for yourself.

It’s important to know that calling yourself out is not an act of kicking yourself while you’re down. It’s not a place to blame yourself for everything that has ever gone wrong in your lifetime. And it’s not a place to feel like you are not measuring up…again.

It’s a place to understand that you have a part in creating your own experiences good or bad. A place to move out of victim mode, learn about yourself and grow into some powerful behaviors that leave you feeling good about yourself.  You will enjoy all those yummy outcomes you’ve been waiting for.

Practice Self-Responsibility

  • Call yourself out for thought-based habits and patterns that hold you hostage. Our head is not nice. All our demons and monsters come through and our head makes them bigger than they are. Fear is what makes them big. Decide to change those thoughts. Start by looking for the good in things and people and allowing yourself to see the positives in your circumstances. You can choose to believe that you are strong and can have what you want. So often we get stuck thinking we need to be a certain way to the world when that’s not who we really are. Stop hiding and start being proud of any weirdness that you claim, it probably isn’t nearly as weird as you think. And remember you are the one in charge of all your thoughts.
  • Call yourself out for blaming others for every bad thing that happens to you. Blame is just a place to hide and it’s the opposite of taking responsibility for yourself. Plus no one can truly make you feel or do anything that you don’t let yourself feel or do. It may seem easier in the moment to blame someone else rather than take a deep look at where some of your habits might be contributing to your unhappy.
  • Call yourself out for thinking that it’s someone else’s job to make you feel better. It’s your’s and only your’s. For sure, we can get comfort, love and caring from the people around us but your “feel better” lives inside you. And who wants to put how we feel in the hands of someone else anyway? Stop waiting and choose to make yourself feel better.

#1 Secret to a better new year

Practicing self-responsibility, your #1 secret to a better new year ahead.

If you’re stuck with some of this stuff, reach out for some support from your favorite coach (wink, wink!) or a counselor (wink, wink!). Some stuff lies deep and can be tough to shine a light on.


Wonder what might change for you if you did?
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