Mothers Rock!!!

It’s our day to celebrate the super important, might I say irreplaceable, role that moms play in our world. We do that by honoring our own mothers and those women who mothered us, by letting ourselves accept all the love that we deserve for mothering others, and passing that recognition and love down to our own daughters who are mothers.

My mom is still here and I take time on this day to be grateful for influence on me. My mother was an unusually strong woman of her generation. She at 83 years of age will still get out there and mow her own lawn.

Today we are celebrated, thanked and told just how grateful people in our lives are for us, and this is simply lovely. But sadly many women are not used to being on the receiving end of all the recognition and attention that comes with the day. We are too busy paying attention to all those people we mother. I know my mother is doing just that.

Sometimes the attention is uncomfortable, maybe a little surreal.

Sometimes we forget that we are in control of our actions and reactions. Every day we make choices about what our mothering looks like and have every right to be proud of the job we do, even if we think we haven’t always done our best work.

By accepting all the love and praises coming at us, letting them really soak in, we have the chance to truly make the day meaningful. And don’t worry about others around us, there is plenty of love for everybody. It’s Mother’s Day, not Martyr’s Day!

To truly be present on this day, the voices in our heads need to be quieted down, asked to sit this one out. Then we ned to change the message we play to one that leaves us feeling proud of ourselves. If we don’t do that, we might not fully believe all the amazing feedback we get today and how we are truly impacting our families.

It’s one day, ladies, and it’s a day to treat OURSELVES with love, respect, and celebration!

For as long as we can today, let’s honor ourselves for the work we do to raise great children. Let’s decide how we can truly show our own mothers the love, thanks, and respect they deserve, even if they are no longer with us on earth. Let’s remember that it’s who we are as moms that lays the foundation for how love makes the world go around. And let’s make it our mission to be independent, strong women who always get our own needs met too.

Because truthfully, we deserve every sweet mention, every hug, every thanks, and every cupcake we counter on the one day of the year when our contribution is recognized.

Make this day count, make it truly about you.

Feet up, feeling proud open and grateful.

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