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Memory; Create a Life Changing Lesson

I recently read an article about a woman whose life was changed in a brief encounter with Warren Buffet. My one and only encounter with my Aunt changed my life in an instant. It’s the emotional memory that leaves an impact on us. It isn’t what is said or what that person does that makes people remember us. It’s how that person makes us feel that leaves am emotional memory. So, what creates that kind of memory?

In a meeting with a man like Warren Buffet, he is in the power seat. How do you make people feel when you are in the power seat? This is how Warren created an emotional memory, which created a life changing moment.

Warren Buffet’s Style in the Power Seat

In this woman’s story, Warren Buffet and she were at a dinner party. Warren was obviously the most important person in the room. Just as she began to sit down at the dinner table, Warren, who was seated next to her, shyly pulled out an egg timer. As he set the timer to 15 minutes, Warren said, “This is how long I get to talk to you before I lose you to the person on the left. And not a minute shorter.”

She said they chatted until the buzzer went off. Then, when the 15-minute buzzer went off again, Buffet said, “Goodie, you’re back!”  She said that Buffet made her feel as if she mattered as much as he did.

She said her encounter reminded her of Maya Angelou’s famous quote, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” This woman started to ponder how she made others feel when she is in the power seat. She began to focus on how she can make colleagues feel like Warren Buffet made her feel.

My First and Only Meeting with my Aunt; Warren Buffet Style Memory

I have an encounter in my life similar to that. It was the first time I had met my father’s half-sister. I thought my father was an only child until the day my father’s half-sister decided to visit.

When she walked into the room, the room lit up. She had bright red hair, green eyes and exuded an enormous amount of energy, loving energy.  I may have been around 7 or 8 years of age at the time.

She was physically affectionate to me, which was a bit foreign to me. My mother and father rarely exuded that kind of affection. I didn’t know this kind of affection existed.

I shared with her how beautiful her hair was to me. She shared her beauty secret in keeping her hair vibrant. Not only did she tell me, she proceeded to show me. I remember her putting some eggs into a mixture of different oils and shampoo as she proceeded to wash my hair. The attention she gave me tingled from my head to my toes. To this day, I can still see her walk through that front door. Not only can I visualize it, her energy still resonates with me.

Power of Physical Affection

My Aunt’s visit changed me. I realized the value of physical affection in a loving relationship. Research shows that loving hands can heal a wound twice as fast. Couples in trouble can quickly be changed by just giving more physical affection towards one another. The touch of a hand, your head on your lover’s beating heart, a long and embracing kiss, or/and a stroke of your hand through your lover’s hair, will make you forget any anger or resentment that you may have towards him or her.

We need to ask ourselves how much physical affection am I missing out in my relationship with my lover.  Yes, you are missing out by losing touch with your sensuality. Yes, you are the one that will feel better loving your partner well.

Memories You Create In Business While in the Power Seat

How do you make others feel when you are in the power seat? Do they feel heard? Seen? Valued? Even if you aren’t the boss, entering a conversation with humility makes you more of a person than less of a person. It also makes you more generous, more understood, more human, and more respected yourself.

It’s good to incorporate this style of interaction with others. I read or heard (?) that John Travolta made Kirstie Alley feel as if she was the most important person to him at that moment. What kind of energy do you want to bring into that moment? What memories do you leave behind?

When you come home from work, what kind of love and attention to you give your spouse? Do you make your spouse excited to see you? Do you make your spouse excited to come home to you? What memory do you leave for a more desirous relationship?

Are your work colleagues excited to see you? It’s good to meet someone and hope that you make their day a little brighter. It’s good for them but even better for you. You leave them with more respect for yourself.

If you want to incorporate this style of interaction with others, you don’t need an egg timer to do it.

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