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Dr. Lynne Kenney – Good Stuff for our Children’s Brains

Parenting is rough waters at times. In this podcast episode, we are going to learn that discipline and inflicting pain does not work with your children. Dr. Kenney will help you give your children the vocabulary and tools they need to succed.

We are going to be talking with Dr. Lynne Kenney author of the Family Coach Method. She is a pediatric psychologist and a Family Coach here in Scottsdale Arizona. Lynne has collaborated with Wendy Young and has a new book out titled, “Bloom…Helping Children Blossom.” She has advanced fellowship training in forensic psychology and developmental pediatric psychology from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. She is going to be here sharing some awesome ideas from her new book. She’s a real delight and you will really enjoy the information she has to share with all of you.

Parenting – Parents discipline rarely works.

Parenting is a slippery slope. How do we let our children know the boundaries? Parents need to know that discipline and inflicting pain does not work in motivating children to do the right thing. Parents need to give natural consequences or have your child fix his/her mistakes. Children need to think to themselves, “What do I need to do to fix this?” We do not want our children to think, oh no, now I have done something bad and need to be punished. Punishment dolled out to the children by parents may lead to self-loathing in their children. When children are punished and it makes no sense, the children may feel anger and revenge towards the parent. If you take away your child’s phone because of being late, it makes no sense to the child. Also, it does not prepare them for the real world. If you are late for work, I assume the manager does not take away your phone. Your manager may make you make up the time. The next time your child goes out, he may need to make up the time and come home that much earlier. Sounds like a rational consequence to me. Dr. Lynne Kenney in her new book, Bloom: Helping children blossom, she helps you give your children the vocabulary to succeed.

Parenting suggestions from this podcast with Dr. Kenney

Dr. Lynne Kenney speaks with me about her NEW book Bloom: Helping children blossom is helping to build better parenting skills. In this podcast episode, she will talk to us about the following points:

  • How to create a culture of clear expectations in which children can be skillful
  • Children misbehave NOT out of willful non-compliance. Children do not have the words or actions to behave as expected
  • Give children the skills and vocabulary to be more successful
  • How to help our children pay attention, focus, and allow them to plan
  • Teach our children to think better and to be more successful
  • How NOT to put your children in a defensive stand
  • Learn how to parent in two different households
  • Learn the Importance of good role modeling
  • You will enjoy this podcast and learn a great deal of good information from Dr. Lynne Kenney.
  • Parents you don’t want to miss reading her new book, Bloom: Helping your children blossom.
  • Thanks for listening.


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