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Inspiration; How to find it in 2020

So many people spend their time and energy searching for inspiration in the wrong places or waiting for it to magically appear one day. Inspiration will come to you when you actively search for it. This article is about generating inspiration if you’re in a creative rut and four powerful ways you can start doing that today.

Let Adventure Inspire You

It’s easy to get stuck in your daily routine and lose your sense of spontaneity and inspiration. We think that scrolling through social media or sheer luck will leave us feeling inspired. One way to shatter that unproductive cycle is to break away from routine and do something that is adventurous. This could be planning a trip to a destination you’ve been meaning to explore or adopting a new hobby. Strive for something that will physically activate your brain, body, breath, and movement. Start intentionally scheduling adventurous things in your life over the next couple of months. Once you start opening your mind to new opportunities for growth, you will find inspiration as well.

Let History Inspire You

As a society, we are often preoccupied with what’s happening next. We forget the thousands of years of great influencers, intellects, and artists who have paved the way to create the world we live in today. Allow yourself to connect back to history and let what others have created in the past inspire your future. Take time to visit, read, and educate yourself on people and places that have a great legacy in the world. Learning from history can be a great way to feel inspired to become a better artist, creator, and leader.

Let People Inspire You

How often do you hang out with the same four or five people? You see your family members and hang out with the same friends. The unfortunate reality is that so many people live in a bubble, which causes them to never break the boundaries of their own thinking. They’re never accessing higher levels of reasoning because they have no outside perspective about things and skills they have not mastered themselves. It is critical to surround yourself with new people who possess different skill sets than you. Learning from other people who have passion for life and what they do will help you access different areas of inspiration that you never knew were attainable. Open your mind to new opportunities for growth, you will find inspiration as well.

Let Your Ideas Inspire You

You need to give yourself time to be alone with yourself and actually think about what you want in life. You need to put in the work to truly live your life to the fullest. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable to this is to journal. Start writing down your hopes, dreams, plans, and most importantly, where exactly you are finding your inspiration. What do you want your future to look like? What do you want your life to feel like? The more you write about and observe life, the more you’re inspired.