Ignore the Real World

Your idea just isn’t realistic. You need to live in the real world. You hear it all the time when you present a new idea to someone.  The real world doesn’t sound like a place where I want to live. Other people can be a real downer to your excitement of a new idea.

I presented an idea to a business colleague who works in the technology field.  He fired one negative thought after the other on why I shouldn’t do it and why it won’t work.

I almost gave up on my idea.  A conversation with a good friend brought me back to my own reality.  I ventured out with my new idea.  I set an appointment up with a very respected publishing company in MN.  My proposal delighted the publisher.  The publisher and I both had the same pain point in marketing our books.  We agreed that this would be a brilliant solution.

The “real world” downers expect the new ideas to fail. If they expect a new idea to fail, they don’t have to feel bad about not going out and taking action on their new ideas.  These downers are the ones filled with despair and pessimism.

These “real world” downers don’t expect that the real world may be ready for a change. They don’t expect new ideas to succeed. They think the things that work are the things that are already working. To them, the unknown is nothing more than a road to failure.

A friend of mine is a psychologist who now runs a successful mental health business.  His success as an entrepreneur impressed me.  He said to me, “Who needs a “nay-sayer or a devil’s advocate.”  He is right. Have you ever had someone say to you, let me play a devil’s advocate here?  We don’t need to think of the problems that may exist in starting a new idea.

It is inevitable that there will be problems. Commitment to work through the problems when they come up is a big piece to success. We don’t need to waste time thinking about problems that may never come up. These downers want to just drag you down into their hole of despair.

That may be their world, but it isn’t yours. Your world should be a hopeful place where you navigate to find your purpose in life.

We want to surround ourselves with those that are hopeful, encouraging and supportive. Those are the ones who will help us to succeed.

For the nay-sayers, it is just an excuse. They don’t have the courage to venture into the world of the unknown. This is not your world.










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