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God Meets Us Where We Are

A client of mine received a diagnosis of stage 2b breast cancer. She is in her twenties with a young baby daughter. I held her hand and heart as she struggled through her first six months of chemotherapy. I witnessed her spiraling down into the deepest of darkest despair.   My heart was bleeding for her. There were no words that could help. I would just listen. One day, she walked into my office. She said to me, I saw a spirit. Her mood was completely altered from despair to hope. God meets us where we are.

She went on to tell me about the spirit who was her late Uncle. She said that her Uncle invited her to sit on a bench and talk to God. As she told me the story, she had light in her eyes and the color to her skin was vibrant.   With excitement in her voice, she shared with me how she spoke to her Aunt about her late husband’s spiritual visit. Her Aunt proceeded to tell her that she sees her husband’s spirit in the home often. She feels his energy and vibration, which tells her that he is right there with her.

This was the last time I would see my client before her surgery to have her tumor removed.   The surgery was a frightening thought for her because the pathology report would include the tumor’s destructive power.Her mother contacted me after the surgery and shared with me the good news. The doctors reported that cancer had not invaded her lymph nodes. She had clean margins. The tumor was so large that they have never seen a pathology report like this with a tumor this size.

In the mother’s report of good news, I saw God. We see a beautiful sunset and feel an enormous rush of emotions. A baby is born.   We look at the newborn and another rush of emotions. What can explain this gigantic explosion of emotional depth? I say it is God. In every moment in life, we can encounter God.

God is looking to communicate with us all the time. We need to pay attention.


This story reminds me of the story in Luke’s gospel (8:22-25).   Jesus and his disciples are in a fishing boat when a sudden storm pops up (In the Sea of Galilee, this happens even today).   This story can be helpful for those going through a crisis, i.e., everyone.

In this version of Luke’s gospel (8:22-25), “The boat was filling with water, and they were in danger, “ writes Luke. Frightened for their lives, they ask Jesus, who is asleep, why he doesn’t help them. “Master, Master, we are perishing!” they shout. Jesus awakes and “rebukes” the wind and the rain, quieting the storm with his word. He turns to the disciples and asks, “Where is your faith?”

When you feel Gods presence, are you afraid? Are you afraid to admit it? We can be afraid of God’s power. It can be frightening to think that God may take an interest in your life.

God likes to communicate with us. When you intentionally open yourself up to God’s voice, you can hear it more clearly. When you give a friend your undivided attention, you can hear your friend much better. A crisis can slow us down and allow us to give God your undivided attention. However, we don’t need a crisis to communicate with God.

God can help you find your way. God communicates to us through our desires, emotions, insights, and memories and even through our resistance. So, where did God meet you?

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