Did You Give Up Your Dream? Let’s Find a Life You Love

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We know we are stuck in life when there is a feeling of being unsettled in our lives. It’s that feeling of not wanting to go to work. We dread Monday and we don’t feel in control of our lives. Our creativity is stifled and our voice isn’t heard at work.

We have great ideas on improvement but no one is listening or following through on what we think would be great for the company. We feel powerless and our job is zapping our energy. Or, we are just plain bored and going through the motions at work. Our gut or our intuitive self is telling us that this just isn’t what we imagined our lives to be like when we were younger.

We had dreams when we were younger about what our life would look like. What we have now isn’t what we wanted for ourselves. What were those dreams we had as a child? What did we imagine we would do when we grew up? What is holding us back? What is our true purpose in life? What brings us joy in a career or family life?

We know when we are on track when what we are doing is bringing us joy. We know we have found our life’s purpose when we wouldn’t care if we got paid or not for what we are doing. Let’s find out the 6 Ways to Reawaken those dreams and let’s believe that they are possible to achieve.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

 ~  Eleanore Roosevelt


“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must
abandon itself to its master passion.”

~ Dame Rebecca West
Best-selling author

Now, let’s find out what brings you joy and find your best quality, which will ultimately lead you to your purpose in life.

Joy + Your Best Quality = Sense of Purpose

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