Energy – Is yours switched on or off

When I’m on my game, I have big energy and could probably move a mountain. But when I’m off my game, I am drained, exhausted,  and spent. There are no mountains moved, only gazed at longingly. I do love the Arizona mountains. Do you have on-game and off-game days? Have you considered why?

The things we do and the things we allow ourselves to believe about us are both big ticket items for the on-game list. If you are forever deep in drama, your energy gets sucked out pretty fast.

We also have our recharge habits. Are you doing things that truly recharge that energy of yours? Things that you can feel pumping the good stuff back into you as you do them? Things that warm your heart and make you smile?

Then there is your spiritual energy. It’s something that is often missed when we try to figure out why we feel zapped.

I like to think of all my spiritual energy radiating around me, covering me like an egg. And like an egg, it can absorb and be permeated by anything that comes near it.

Energy of others around us

The energy of other people is a huge thing for me to manage. Sometimes it’s big crowds, sometimes it’s angry or unloving people, sometimes it’s mean people. Sometimes it’s people who are caught in a spiral of needing so much that they live there. People don’t always choose to have bad energy, it’s about how they feel and how they decide to manage those feelings.

I can feel negative people anywhere. I notice and respond accordingly. There are people I know from the first encounter that it’s best for me to stay away from them. And there are people with whom I limit my interaction.

Then there are people with whom I am strongly drawn towards. People who I admire and know I can learn from. People who I feel connected with on a different level than most.

My energy desire is to be fully able to open this huge heart of mine and all its love to anyone around me. I care for my body and mind in ways that I know will keep me strong, and I ask God daily to surround me with protective love and light as a way to help me get there.

So why and when do you feel an energy zap? What’s happening for you when it happens?

Just one more place to understand what works for us and what doesn’t.

And, pay attention to the energy you bring into an interaction with another fellow human being. Will you make their day a little brighter in seeing you? Namaste.

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