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Emotions marathon more than physical marathon

We don’t give our emotions the power they deserve. Emotions can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. It’s as if you just ran a marathon. Emotions can wreck you. Don’t let your emotions take away your precious energy.

Emotions can wreak havoc on you. Why? Your mind can’t be in 80 places at once. With strong emotions, our body is working 13 times as it should be in order to maintain an as semblance of normalcy as it runs your whole body.

If you add a lot of emotional stress, your body will react. You may get headaches or stomach aches, which will interfere in your productivity.

Let’s look at some for the things that you are permitting to be destructive to you.

Bad relationships

1. Indulging in bad relationships instead of just getting out. I realize the emotional distress of getting out is horrendous.

Women stay with bad men when they think they are stupid, dumb, ugly, fat or unlovable. Women will stay with bad men because they truly believe that the man they are with is the last man on earth. If we let that man go, we will die alone and have it confirmed that we really are stupid, dumb, ugly, fat or unlovable. This would be an affirmation more painful than the relationship.


2. You aren’t doing enough of self-care. Self-care includes exercise, playing music, meditation, or reading. We all need to relax and do it without embracing any shame or disappointment in you. We aren’t machines and we need maintenance just like machines.

Bad news

3. Reading bad news is stressful.  These days, it can make us feel hopeless. Hopelessness is the ultimate stressor. Hopelessness is what makes people feel suicidal.


4. Everything you do has to be perfect and that is draining.

Power of No

5. When needed, you aren’t willing to say no.


6. Being in a mess, your home or your office. Straighten up your home, your room and your office and reduce your stress.


7. Excessive Worrying – I wish sometimes that worrying had power. Worrying has no power and it doesn’t change the course of history. It doesn’t stop or start or what is or isn’t going to happen in the future. Worrying has no power. We do it anyway.

Winston Churchill said, “I have had a lot of trouble in my life and most of it has never happened.” Worrying is a sad thing to let it overwhelm you. It’s a sad thing because any joy that we could have squeezed out of today is gone.

Most of the time life is usually not as scary as our worries are. That’s not always true. However, most of the things you worry about didn’t happen and it wasn’t as bad as we thought. Worries are evil creatures made up in your own head.

Controlling Worry

We need to figure out things we need to do to temper our emotional worries. Just by asking yourself the question, what’s the worst thing that could happen. If that happens, then what is the worst thing that could happen? Eventually, the worries don’t seem so horrific. And, life seems more manageable.

We are particularly vulnerable to worry when we hit the bed at night or when we are at our weakest moments. We have to work at those times to reduce worries, which can include playing music or sounds, sing, talk to yourself, meditate, and your worries typically dissipate. It takes practice to do this.

One of the biggest things we need to do with our emotional strife is to say it out loud. When we talk about it out loud to a trusted individual, the emotional angst will loose its power over us.

We will worry less.  You will then be able to enjoy more of the moment of each and every day. Our emotions can be more draining than a marathon. However, our emotions can bring us the most joy. Love is an emotion. Love is pure joy.

Emotions, emotional strife, worry, perfectionism