Difficult People – Survive Bend Like Trees

A strong gust of wind blows in the forest. Which tree is left standing? The tree that bends. The tree gets relaxed and bends.  It lets the wind just flow over it.  That’s not the same thing as being a door mat and letting someone walk all over you. Surviving a difficult person is like a tree allowing the wind to just blow over it.

You can’t fight bad and difficult people.  They will win. They will win always. And, the reason they will win always is they have no limits. No shame. No guilt. And, no problem doing damage.

They see the world differently.  Difficult people don’t care about fairness, facts and reason. These things don’t matter very much.  So, you are outgunned. You are always outgunned by the person who cares less. So trying to change their mind and flip them over and make them nice, isn’t going to work. A lot of you may put in decades of your lives trying to win difficult people over.

When someone in your family, friends, or whatever, you become the tree that relaxes and bends and let the wind flow over you.  You don’t fight it and you don’t get angry and argue. You can say, “Alright, I’ll think about that.” And then walk away. Ultimately, you want to minimize interaction with people who are really bad and nasty human beings. They are destructive. You just minimize it. It doesn’t matter if it is your mother or your child. You need to minimize it. And don’t fight it.

Target vs Tree

Ultimately the tree is accepting that there is a big gust of wind. The tree won’t try to muscle it. The tree will just let the wind flow over and away. Let someone else be the target. The target stays rigid. Don’t be the target. Be the tree.

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