Decisions ——–> Progress

In my office, I often hear clients say, “I’ll try it.” I say, “No, you will do and not try.” When we say try, we open ourselves up for an escape route. We give ourselves an out. As long as we have a choice, we are not doomed. We need to make decisions in our life to become a better you. Decisions are progress.

We need to swap, “Let’s think about it for “Let’s decide on it.” Let’s commit to making decisions. Let’s move from confusion to clarity. We want to get into the pattern of making choices. When we make choices, we make progress.

We don’t want to postpone a decision in hopes that a perfect answer will come to you at a later date in time. You can make a great call today and you don’t need to wait until tomorrow.

We make a decision based on what’s best for now. If we wait for tomorrow, we won’t have more information in order to make a better decision.

There is no need to be afraid to make a decision. No decision is ever final.

You don’t want to waste time with too many details, which can bog you down. The details can zap your morale. You don’t want to over analyze and delay before you even get started. You need to get something out there and course correct along the way. The big picture is what’s important.

A builder doesn’t start with what kind of tile they will put into the bathroom floor. A builder begins with the architectural plans. It’s the big picture first.

The longer you take to make a decision, the more you loose your motivation. Keep the motivation and momentum moving forward. Make decisions and make progress.

Yoda sums it up well:

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