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Confusion to Clarity in Making Better Decisions

If we focus on making the best decision, we will become anxious. To move from confusion towards clarity, we need to focus on making a better decision and not the best decision. Let’s learn how to make better decisions.

A better decision is one that makes us feel good about how we MAKE a decision. If we want to begin to make better decisions, we need a system. To create a good system, we need to start asking ourselves better questions.

Better questions start with using our mind and heart to find a better decision-making process. In making a better decision, it consists of us asking ourselves two valuable questions, which need a yes or no answer. I will reveal those at a later date and time. For now, we need to start at the beginning.

Poor Decisions

Let’s focus on what we need to do first. Let’s focus on our poor decisions. We must stop what is not working for us.

We need to stop proceeding with a poor decision in order to make a better decision.

When we stop moving forward with a poor decision, we now have a void. With that void, we need to replace it with a better decision.

Your poor decision is defined as something that is not working for you. For example, you are in a dead end romantic relationship and you know it’s not working for you. Your decision to keep moving forward in that relationship needs to end. Now, we have a void and a chance to make a better decision. We have a chance to learn what propelled you in making that poor choice in a relationship and what kind of qualities you do want in a new relationship.

A company has an incompetent supplier of products that continually makes mistakes and costs that company money. Instead of stopping what isn’t working and getting rid of that supplier, the company holds on to that bad supplier. The company holds on to the supplier, because they don’t have anyone to replace that supplier. The company continues to loose money.

Fear of the Unknown

Why do we NOT stop proceeding with a poor decision? The reason is that we want to hang on to what’s familiar. The unfamiliar is a very scary place. Eventually, the ineffective but familiar way becomes accepted.

Let’s stop our current poor decisions. Here is a Five-Minute inventory from the book, Yes or No The Guide to Better Decisions. This inventory will help you find out your current poor decisions that you need to stop. You may want to include a meditation, hike, or walk to help you search your heart and soul to uncover your poor decisions and to start to make some better decisions.

Making a Better Decision

A Private Five-Minute Inventory

A Business or Personal Decision:

What is a problem for me—a situation at work or in my life that I wish would improve?


My Initial Decision Is to: (I write in my initial decision now before meditation, hike, or walk)

What am I going to do about it?


_______ For now, I am going to do nothing.

________ I will do something, but I am not sure of what or when.

________ Maybe, I will do the following:


My Better Decision is to: (I write this in at the end of meditation, hike, or walk)



Stay tuned to learn more about making better decisions. You will learn more about those two valuable questions, which require a yes or no answer that you need to ask yourself in order to begin to make better decisions.

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