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Ghosted Crickets Relationship Shopping

Breaking up is hard to do. When I was younger, we didn’t have the capabilities to break up via text messaging or via email. Most of us would like to have the respect and dignity of a face to face breakup. Your lover doesn’t return your phone call, your email or your text messages. You’ve not only been dumped, you’ve been ghosted.

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Regret – The Things You Will Regret

So many times in my counseling office, I will hear people who have destructive family members say to me, “If I don’t reach out to them and they die, I will regret not trying to make amends.” People want to give bad people a pass if they are sick and dying. I have never heard anyone regret not having a destructive person in his/her life. However, these are the things you will regret.

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Valentine’s Day; Say Yes to Tradition

Do you remember singing telegrams? I had a boyfriend who had just moved to Chicago and I was still back in South Bend, IN. It was Valentine’s Day. I wanted something unique. Looking through catalogues and radio ads (no internet back then), I had such a fun scavenger hunt. Love is magical. I stumbled upon a brand new concept, singing telegrams. On Valentine’s Day, I ordered up a singing telegram for my lover. Gift giving is a sweet tradition of Valentine’s Day.

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Goal Setting – How Much Pain Will You tolerate?

A new year is a great time to do some goal setting and see where we want to go in 2018. Goal setting is an act of selecting a target that you want to accomplish. I think there is a better way to set a goal. We need to be realistic. You might be thinking, “This year, what do I want to achieve?” Instead, we need to contemplate “What kind of pain am I willing to tolerate?”

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