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Feelings Pain Joy Fear Rage Love

From the first moment we come into this world, we feel. We feel joy, fear, rage, and love.  We learn to hide the feelings that frighten us. First we hide our feelings from others and then from ourselves. Many of us live our lives distant from our deepest feelings and never stop to wonder what would happen if we allow ourselves to feel them fully.  And to express our feelings and share them with the world.

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Orgasm Eyes Open Contact Sex

There are married couples that no longer kiss much during sex. Couples will bypass the painful emptiness in their kisses and instead focus on touching each other’s genitals. Each of them may achieve orgasm through a mechanical like quality in their physical exchanges in the bedroom. Couples often miss what it’s like to have true intimacy while achieving orgasm. Couples with their eyes wide open during sex may have a brand new sizzling sex life.

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Love Quiz; How well do you know your spouse?

Surprise! We had a surprise birthday party for my son. His emotional outpouring let me know how truly touched he really was for this party.   The party theme was around his nickname growing up, which was Jama Man. He achieved that nickname due to the amount of hours he would spend in his jammies. Jama Man is a nickname that only our family would know.   Do you have a nickname for your spouse that only you would know? Do you really, really know your spouse?

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Romantic Obsession

Romantic Obsession; What Makes a Stalker?

In 7th grade, the girls and I were swooning over a teacher, Mr. Signorino. We had a romantic obsession with Mr. Signorino. We even had a song about him. The song was an adaptation from the last verse of the song from West Side Story, Gee Officer Krupke. The parody of that song we created went like this, “Mr. Signorino, we’re down on our knees, because no one wants a teacher with a social disease. Gee Mr. Signorino what are we to do. Mr. Signorino, we love you.”  Are you romantically obsessed?

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Broken Heart – I see beauty in it

A call from a friend alerted me. She informed me that my boyfriend was dancing with another woman at our end of the year high school dance. A fight between my boyfriend and me ensued in the front lawn of the high school. Due to that fight, our relationship ended right then and there. I had my first broken heart.  I never felt such pain in my life. At 18 years of age, I was sure that I would never fall in love again. My life was over. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat. What was happening to me?

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Sexual boredom is not inevitable

People often say, “I love him but I am not in love with him. “ The difference between being in love with him and loving him is that you desire him. When you love him, it is caring and wanting good things for him. When you are in love with him, you desire him. In a long-term marriage or relationship, some sexual boredom is inevitable. Long-term sexual boredom is not.  Here are things that can interfere in our sexual intimacy.

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