Moms communicate in odd ways

A client of mine said to me, “35, childless and happily married for 10 years” offers a theory as to why young people are putting off having babies. The reason, she said, is simple, “We listened to our parents.”

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One Piece of Art Changed our Family Car Rides

How One Piece of Art Changed our Family Car Rides and Even my Daughter’s Grades

As my daughter steps out of the car for school, I see her clamoring around to find her flute. She shines a smile at me as she informs me of her next performance. She is currently enrolled in her junior high school’s choir, band, and theater program. Without it, I know her school experience would be very different. She loves school. The music program is her biggest reason for that enjoyment. During difficult state budget cutbacks, I get angry when there is constant chatter about cutting musical programs in the public schools.

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Another Summer of Motherhood is Gone

I just saw my grandson today. He’s 15 months old and recently got his very first haircut. He looks like a young boy way too soon. I swear just five minutes ago, he was just a newborn with eyes wide open looking at the world for the very first time. He’s walking now and quietly says “what’s that” when he sees something new. I just can’t get enough time with him.

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