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2019 and the grit of change

It’s started. The niggling of the new year’s approach. The pull to make changes. The yank to improve who we are.

2018 was very different for me. It brought tons of change, not just at the beginning of the year when the world says to get busy to be a better person, but throughout the whole year.

I believe that trying to make changes simply because it’s a new year is meaningless. True change and therefore growth comes from our own desires. It sure isn’t about things on our outside like weight. It’s about doing what we want to do to get us closer to living the values that we carry in our deep core, our inside.

Your True Calling; Create Change

Nevertheless the calling is there for all or most of us and it’s a calling that can be hard to ignore. Turn your back on it and you feel like you are not stepping up to the plate to help yourself. Jump into the arena for the wrong reasons and you’re still not going to feel right.
This year, after much thought, I won’t be stepping into the arena. I will be staying in the arena. And my word for this coming year, is acceptance.

The arena is where life happens. It’s where old dreams live and die. New challenges are set at our feet that scare us. It’s where we experience the thrill of success and the deep, cutting loss of letting things and people go. The arena is about waiting for that dream to become real. It’s about dancing in the moment to redesign that dream, again and again.

There is no failure; only course correction. So here I am, at the cusp of 2019 and this is what my redesign is looking like:


Accepting that we don’t always have a complete say in how the world twists around us.

Accepting that my own changes and that of the Universe require time for thinking, shifting, and reviewing what is truly important to me. Rediscover what brings me utter joy and puts a smile on my face. Learn what fills my heart with real warmth and love.

Accepting all the feelings that go along with change, planned or unplanned. Grief from deep loss, or happiness from success, have all been part of my humanity. I can let all these emotions in because I can truly understand and appreciate my experiences.

Accepting what my life is looking like at any given time and figuring out how to go with the flow in ways that work for me. That means allowing myself the flexibility to move my dreams around to better fit my circumstances.

My Arena

In my arena as I enter the new year, I am accepting that plans I had may never happen and that some people important to me are no longer there in the same way. I am accepting that my family has shifted and grown bringing me even more to love, cherish and be proud of. I am accepting that my design skills live strong and are opening up new exciting avenues for me to express my creativity. And I am accepting the mountain of grief sitting in my gut as my daughter shifted away from me.

Doors close, doors open.

If you are being called to change yourself starting January 1st, instead of following the crowd, why not begin in your own arena?

Your redesign waits.

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