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Busyness Best Served Productivity

Busyness is good and is better than having nothing to do.  Being busy busy busy does not mean that you are productive. Many people fill their lives with all kinds of tasks and produce little outcome. Furthermore, they have little reward to the effort that went into the completion of those tasks. We need to really think about busyness. Putting a bunch on our plates may not be productive. Time and effort should be respected.

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Intelligent Peoples’ Intolerance

Intelligent people do not tolerate the following:

Smart people do not have to please everybody.  It’s important to care about friends and family.  We need to have compassion but to put yourself in a burn out phase because your focus is that you don’t want them to be mad at you is not a good idea.  People have survived being disappointed over and over again.

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Simple Step- Reduce Stress-Ensure Success

If you are a business owner or busy professional, you know the toll stress can take on your productivity. Stress can have emotional and physical effects, but it can also make it hard for your business to succeed. Keep reading for some effective tips for combatting stress while creating more success for your business:

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