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Retirement and Death Rates Soar

Our country is obsessed with retirement. The death rates are staggering after retirement. I have no plans of Retirement.

Successful entrepreneurs, Robbins says, don’t ever retire.  Tony Robbins, life coach, cautions people about Retirement. On, Tony Robbins said, “If you retire at 55, you have a 89 percent chance of dying in 10 years, more than if you retire at 65. We need work as a sense of purpose.”

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Weightlifting Saved Me From Paralysis

My Airplane Crash

In 1995, I was the sole survivor of a Cessna 180 plane crash. Two other people died in that crash. The airplane crash left me with multiple fractures, concussion, and a broken back. The back doctor reported to me that my muscles supported my spine when the vertebrae shattered. My prior weightlifting before the crash had built the strength in my back to support my spine, which saved me from paralysis.

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