Moms communicate in odd ways

A client of mine said to me, “35, childless and happily married for 10 years” offers a theory as to why young people are putting off having babies. The reason, she said, is simple, “We listened to our parents.”

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Persuasion – The Art of Negotiations

Buying a car is a daunting experience for me. One time, I had a very hostile salesman. I wanted to leave without a purchase and in a huff; the salesman threw the clipboard down on his desk at me. His revolt did not make me want to return to use his services. There is an art to persuasion.

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Evaluation Tool for Tough Decisions

At one time, I was considering medical school, which is a tough decision. Science and Biology were already my passion in school.  I started to think of my life style as a doctor. An emergency situation would occur, the beeper goes off, and you, as the doctor, head out to attend to a patient. It didn’t matter whether or not your child was celebrating a big event. A patient called and you had to leave. I decided against going to medical school. It was not a lifestyle for me. If you are coming upon a big decision, I have an evaluation tool that may help you with that tough decision.

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