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Money – Human Doing or Human Being

My daughter at 14 years of age asked me, “Why is it that people don’t want to tell other people how much money they make? I would be happy to tell them how much money I make. Why do people care so much what other people think about how much money they make? Besides, I’m going to be a millionaire and people will love me because I’m a millionaire and if I’m not a millionaire, they will love me because I’m awesome.” My daughter summed it up well. Do we want to be a human doing or a human being?

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Broken Heart – I see beauty in it

A call from a friend alerted me. She informed me that my boyfriend was dancing with another woman at our end of the year high school dance. A fight between my boyfriend and me ensued in the front lawn of the high school. Due to that fight, our relationship ended right then and there. I had my first broken heart.  I never felt such pain in my life. At 18 years of age, I was sure that I would never fall in love again. My life was over. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat. What was happening to me?

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Independence Day – Cowboys Taught Me How to Let Freedom Ring

Yesterday, I went to the rodeo in Prescott AZ. It was my very first rodeo. For the 4th of July weekend, there couldn’t be anything more American than a rodeo. Right? Go Independence Day and Let Freedom Ring!

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